Rep. Aglipay Featured in Sense & Style Magazine

A leading women’s magazine is featuring Rep. Emmeline Aglipay in its December issue. Sense & Style, whose motto is: “Woman, Make a Difference!” interviewed one of the youngest female legislators making a difference in government today. Writer Marbbie Tagabucba found out several things about the DIWA Party-List representative.

1. Her public service career began during her teen years. She says of her grade school and high school outreach experiences: “It was during these times when I was able to first see, feel and understand both on a micro level–the individual struggles of the people, and on a macro level– the social ills of our country. Since I was exposed to these experiences at an early age they have made an indelible mark on my consciousness and have been the most defining influence for me to commit myself to community development and the protection of our civil and political rights.” It affected her so much that, at 18, she had already “formulated my vision of what I wanted our country to be like for our grandchildren 50 years from that time.”

2. She gave up a lucrative law practice. The interview also revealed that she realized the life of a corporate lawyer wasn’t for her, so she gave it up to pursue what really fulfilled her. “I looked at the clock and it was almost 5am. I realized I’ve been staying overnight at the office almost every day for the past month. I saw my reflection; I looked terrible! I was tired; I was hungry; I was sleepy; I missed my family; I missed my dogs; I didn’t have time for the DIWA and the other communities I was involved with, and I was just miserable.”

3. She has not encountered any problems as a politician because of her age or sex. Rep. Aglipay’s secret is to not even think that being a woman or being young is a hindrance to anything. “Honestly, I did not even have the notion that I’d be challenged because I am a young lady. I guess it all starts from our thoughts. If I entertain thoughts that my age or being a woman would be a hindrance to achieving any of my goals, whether in Congress or in the other goals I have set in life then it would reflect in my words and actions and that’s what would happen.”

The full interview can be found in the December 2012 issue of Sense & Style, available now.