Legislative Measures

Bills Authored

House Bill No. 78

HB078 Magna Carta of Filipino Seafarers

House Bill No. 80

HB080 Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof

House Bill No. 3701

HB03701 Anti-SOGI Discrimination Act

House Bill No. 3105

HB03105 First 1,000 Days Act

House Bill No. 152

HB0152  100-Day Maternity Leave Act

House Bill No. 76

HB076 Security of Tenure Act of 2016

House Bill No. 352

HB0352 Granting Tax Deductions to Parents and Legal Guardians of Children with Special Needs

House Bill No. 153

HB0153 Air Passenger Bill of Rights Act

House Bill No. 675

HB0675  Expanding the Prohibited Acts of Discrimination Against Women on Account of Sex, Amending for the Purpose the Labor Code of the Philippines, as Amended

House Bill No. 154

HB0154 Magna Carta of Workers in the Informal Economy

House Bill No. 77

HB077   People’s Freedom of Information Act

House Bill No. 79

HB079 The Anti-Discrimination Act of 2016

House Bill No. 156

HB0156 BPO Workers’ Act

House Bill No. 353

HB0353 Revised Apprenticeship Program Act

House Bill No. 354

HB0354 Establishing a Productivity Improvement Program, Repealing for the Purpose the Productivity Incentives Act of 1990

Laws Authored

RA 10361

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“Domestic Workers Act” or “Batas Kasambahay”

RA 10354

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Responsible Parenthood And Reproductive Health Act Of 2012

RA 10869

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An Act Institutionalizing The Nationwide Implementation Of The Jobstart Philippines Program And Providing Funds Therefor

RA 10754

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An Act Exempting Persons With Disability From The Value-Added Tax On Certain Goods And Services, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 7277, As Amended, Otherwise Known As The “Magna Carta For Persons With Disability,” And For Other Purposes

RA 10913

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An Act Defining Distracted Driving And Penalizing The Same

RA 10536

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An Act Amending the Meat Inspection Code Of The Philippines

RA 10167

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An Act To Further Strengthen The Anti-Money Laundering Law

RA 10165

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Foster Care Act Of 2012

RA 10928

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An act extending the validity of the regular Philippine passport to ten (10) years, amending for this purpose republic act no. 8239 or the Philippine passport act of 1996

RA 10929

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Free Public Wi-fi Act Of 2016

RA 10588

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An Act Institutionalizing The Conduct Of The Palarong Pambansa And Appropriating Funds Therefor

RA 10644

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An Act Limiting The Number Of Renewals Of The Certificate Of Authority Issued To Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBES) To Two (2), Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 9178, Otherwise Known As “The Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBES) Act Of 2002”

RA 10856

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Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013

RA 10618

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An Act Promoting Rural Farm School As An Alternative Delivery Mode Of Secondary Education

RA 10559

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An Act Renaming The Palawan Police Provincial Office (Palawan PPO) To Camp Higinio Acosta Mendoza Sr.


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