DIWA Projects and Programs – Bohol

Bohol Livelihood Programs:


Mushroom Culture

This program seeks to propagate mushroom on the otherwise unused dried banana and coconut leaves abundant all over Bohol. This backyard “side line” livelihood project could easily augment the income of a farming family several folds through

Vermin (Earthworm) Culture

Intended to go back-to-back with the mushroom culture, this program seeks to propagate organic fertilizers produced through the casts of fast reproducing earthworms fed with the composting leaves from the mushroom culture. At PhP300 per 20-kilo sack of organic fertilizer, this is likewise expected to produce additional income to a farming family participating in the mushroom culture.

Native Chicken Production

This program involves the enhancement of the production of native chicken and eggs through the distribution of breeder pairs to deserving participants.

Turkey Farming

This program involves the propagation of native turkey through seminars and workshops on turkey-raising as well as distribution of breeding pairs to qualified participants. The DIWA Turkey farm in Manga District Tagbilaran City, with its present stocking of some 60 turkeys, proves that in over a span of 5 years as a backyard project, turkey raising can be profitably maintained


This program hopes to breed enough piglets to start a dispersal program.

Bee Farming

This program is conducting study on Bee farming and the possibility of making an industry out of this.


Located at the 2nd floor of the Calceta Bldg., on No. 6 C. Calceta Street, Tagbilaran City, the DIWA LAW CENTER is operated in collaboration with the topnotch lawyers of the JB Hontanosas, Blanco, & Associates Law Offices.

They are:

ATTY. LEOPOLDO A. BLANCO, JR. – A member of San Beda Law Class ’76 Jun Blanco was among the top ten of his class. Specializing in the security, legislative and political consultancy, Atty. Blanco is the incumbent PADPAO Region VII President and National Director. He was the DIWA Party-list Second nominee last election. He is the President of NICO Security Agency and has served as OIC Vice Governor for Bohol, and Past President of the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ATTY. JOHNSON B. HONTANOSAS – a topnotch litigation business and international lawyer, He has represented an assortment of Top national corporate clients from the banking, insurance, manufacturing, shipping, real estate development, pharmaceutical, staffing, and health industry sectors both here and abroad. He is also a Certified American Immigration Consultant and a California Professional Mediator.

ATTY. DITTY GIRARD – a member of the Texas Bar in the United States of America and lends her expertise in American Immigration Processing for which she is a one-of-a kind resource person to provide consultancy to Boholanos wanting to work or join their families in the United States.

ATTY. CHERYL BAQUIAL and ATTY. GODWIN GAMAS – These two are on the top of their class at Bohol’s prestigious Holy Name University College of Law. Imbued with youthful idealism, they are committed to provide legal assistance to the needy and the oppressed.

These lawyers provide free legal consultancy and discounted documentation as well as notary services to the under privileged.