DIWA Partylist continually conducts Medical and Dental Missions to various communities nation-wide.

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DIWA Party-List has continued to provide assistance to the Filipino workers and their families by conducting numerous medical and dental missions nationwide.

In the past 8 months, DIWA Partylist conducted 10 medical missions and 15 dental missions for Filipino families in 16 communities throughout the Philippines.

Included as beneficiaries of these various medical and dental missions were the municipalities and/or cities of Vintar, Bangui and Nueva Era of Ilocos Norte, Olongapo City of Zambales, Odiongan, Magdiwang and Cajidiocan of Romblon, Itogon of Benguet, Dumaguete City and Sibulan of Negros Oriental, Hamtic and Patnongon of Antique, and Manila and ParaƱaque City of Metro Manila.

These medical and dental missions have been overwhelmingly received by the members of the different recipient communities. For this 8 month period, DIWA Part-List was able to extend immediate medical assistance to 4,622 Filipinos, giving away free medicines in the process. During this same period, 2,666 Filipinos also received free dental assistance. In some areas of Romblon, like in the municipalities of Magdiwang and Cajidiocan, the DIWA Party-list team also provided free circumcision to young men.

Most notable among these missions were the medical and dental missions held in Olongapo City, Zambales last 18thof December and in Patnongon, Antique last 28th of March. For the Zambales mission, although the expected recipients were estimated only to be around 300, more than 1,300 came to seek medical and dental assistance from the 8 medical doctors and dentists deployed in the area. Fortunately, there were sufficient health professionals, medicines and volunteers, to provide aid to the beneficiaries. In the Patnongon, Antique mission, the turnout was 300 more than the expected recipients but the DIWA Party-list team was ready and equipped to accommodate those seeking assistance, ensuring that each individual was able to get his/her needed medical and/or dental attention.

To date, DIWA Partylist has provided aid to thousands of Filipinos nationwide, and shall continue to conduct more medical and dental missions in the months to come.

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