DIWA Party-list Launches Operation Tuli 2015

In its effort to provide continuous service to the Filipino working man, DIWA Party-list has continued to provide multiple medical and dental missions to its constituents all over the Philippines. In its second term, however, DIWA has even extended its free medical services by launching Operation Tuli, a free circumcision service offered to the young men from various provinces in the Philippines.

Just last month, DIWA’s Operation Tuli has already reached the municipalities of Magdiwang and Cajidiocan in Romblon where it has successfully provided free circumcision services. With the help of Dr. Terrence Aaron Burgo and Dr. Tessa Alcantara, local nurses and volunteers, DIWA was able to provide free circumcision services to almost 100 young men.

Last week, DIWA’s Operation Tuli, with the help of Dr. Debora Dela Cruz, together with local nurses and volunteers, visited the municipality of Sarrat in Ilocos Norte where it was able to provide free circumcision services to local residents. “By launching Operation Tuli, not only are we able to promote the importance of maintaining hygiene and reproductive healthcare, we are also able to lift the financial burden of the parents, especially those without easy access to medical facilities”, explains DIWA Party-list Representative Emmeline Aglipay – Villar.

As a result of the positive responses received by the DIWA Party-list for its Operation Tuli, DIWA Party-list is scheduled to visit more provinces in other parts of the Philippines in the future.

For photos of the DIWA’s Operation Tuli, you may click the link below: