DIWA Party-list authors of RA 10691 An Act Strengthening the PESO Law

DIWA Party-list authors of RA 10691 An Act Strengthening the PESO Law

During the 15th National PESO Congress, President Benigno Aquinio III signed into law RA 10691, an Act Strengthening the Public Employment Service Law. RA 10691 is an amendment to the existing RA 8759, or the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Act of 1991.

RA 10691 strengthens the functionality of the previous law by providing definite roles and functions amongst the DOLE, LGUs, and other non-government organizations and job placement offices in the country.

DIWA Party-list Rep. Emmeline Aglipay-Villar, principal author of the law said that the amendments made to the PESO law provides a clearer mandate to the LGUs who will operate the PESOS and the DOLE who will provide technical supervision. “This improved and more efficient system of linking businesses with job openings to Filipinos seeking work helps reduce the unemployment rate and consequently combats poverty,” Rep. Aglipay-Villar said.

RA 10691 also makes the PESO more accessible to job seekers by mandating the establishment of a PESO in every province, city and municipality whereas in the previous PESO law, PESOs were only found in key cities and capital towns. “RA 10691 sets up a grassroots labor market infrastructure that makes it easier for the people in the far-flung rural areas to have access to employment information and assistance, thereby targeting unemployment in areas which are often neglected,” said Rep. Aglipay-Villar.

The act provides that “persons who are seeking employment, particularly the unemployed, shall register at the PESO for unemployment facilitation assistance. The establishment, on the other hand, shall submit their job vacancies as well as applicants hired to the PESO to ensure the availability of accurate information on supply and demand for skills in the labor market.”

PESOs will be operated, maintained and funded by the LGUs, while the DOLE central and regional offices will coordinate the PESOs in the LGUs. DOLE will further provide technical supervision. The LGUs shall establish a monitoring system whereby the businesses operating within the province, city or municipality will report the present and projected number and nature of jobs that will be offered by the business establishment within the next five years. This information will be submitted to the PESO for job matching and also to State Universities and Colleges for career guidance for their students.