DIWA Distributed Slippers to the Aeta Community

On April 17, 2018 Diwa partylist distributed the slippers to the children and parents in the Aeta community of Brgy. Aglao, Municipality of San Marcelino in the Province of Zambales. Brgy. Aglao is situated in a mountain near Mapanuepe lake and was previously surrounded by a lahar field. The area is remote, and the road leading up to the Aeta community include some rough roads, which make the community isolated and unreachable when heavy rain falls. To date, the roads going to Brgy. Aglao has gradually improved thru the efforts of DIWA.


Giving new slippers to the children and parents of the Aeta community in Brgy. Aglao is a simple gesture that reinvigorates their hope to strive for a better future. The children in the Aeta communities trek on a rocky, steep and dusty roads either with a tattered pair of slippers or on barefoot in order to go to school. With the new pair of slippers, the children will have protection on their feet and more ease in traversing the rough mountain and roads that will encourage them to go to school everyday.


In the past, DIWA conducted medical missions and likewise gave hundreds of slippers and school bags with school supplies to children and students in schools located in a some remote areas and even along steep and rocky mountains.


These simple projects create a meaningful and significant impact to our constituents in the remote communities as DIWA fulfills its mission to provide genuine service to the public.